I don’t know how you could ever have a bad experience here. The staff at Chaffee’s is second to none. Great people providing exceptional service. My back now feels amazing thanks to the entire crew. Great people, great service!


They really know their stuff. They help you understand why this or that is happening to you and how to fix it. And how to keep it fixed!! Everyone is very friendly. I traveled 4 hours one way to bring my daughter there. That’s how much I like them!


I have been having problems with my ears recently being backed up with fluid and then after several months, I noticed I was having problems with my eye sight as well. Dr. Chaffee was quick to diagnose the problem. Honestly, I've been doing chiro treatments for close to 30 years on a regular basis, but I never thought about this being fixable by chiro treatments. I am amazed and so appreciative to know that there are doctors out there that know how to make the body simply function like it should. Without pouring more drugs into it. Thank you Doc Chaffee!


I cannot thank, Chaffee Chiropractic, enough for making me feel great again. I had a hip popping noise in my right hip, with the care of chiropractic and rehab (Thank you, Brittney!) it is gone. I still go every 3-4 weeks for follow up care and do my exercises at home now. Let me tell you about the InvisiRed! It got me started on my way back to a lean body!! It worked amazingly on my " pudge pouch"!! I am very Happy with All of My Results!!


I have had chronic pain most of my life. Bryce, Tami and their team of professionals have always helped me overcome my pain. He doesn't use medications but applies his knowledge of my situation and my skeletal problems and adjusts specific areas alleviating my pain. He lets me come when I need to and never forces his opinions. I would recommend this business to everyone needing relief or basic adjustment maintenance. They are also a Christian couple running a Christ centered company with no apology but with confidence. I have no doubt that along with an adjustment comes prayer for all who come for help. Thanks!


I have a functional nervous system and I can live my life again thanks to treatments with Dr. Bryce. The team here truly cares about individuals, they seek the best interests of their patients, and take their time with you to meet your needs, doing so with compassion. I can truly say they seek to love their neighbor as they love themselves being a Christian business. I seriously recommend them, to just improve your overall health, or if you are struggling with an unknown health problem. You will be blessed to be under their care.


My daughter sees Dr Bryce.

He has given back her life.

She was soooo sick with autonomic nervous system.

We have been to several conventional doctors with different tests they deemed necessary and not one doctor found anything wrong after each test they deemed necessary (turns out not necessary at all). Went to Chaffee Chiropractic, for our daughter, because we had seen them years ago off and on. Always glad to be treated by Dr Bryce and other doctors we had seen there occasionally.

Dr Bryce was able to diagnose our adult daughter, remember she was very sick and the conventional doctors with their expensive tests could not find nothing wrong with her.

YUP, we are thankful to our LORD God JESUS and Dr Bryce of Chaffee Chiropractic who first diagnosed her and got her on a plan to health!

She is not so sick anymore!

Thank you, Dr Bryce

Love you all at Chaffee's


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