Nine Signs of Low Testosterone In Men Living In Ohio

Men produce testosterone, a hormone, in their testicles. Testosterone affects many different issues in the body, such as the appearance of a man as well as his sexual development. It will stimulate their sex drive and how much sperm they can produce. Testosterone also helps to build bone mass and muscle.

The normal range of testosterone is about 300-1000 nanograms per deciliter, so it may be cause for concern when those levels drop to 300 nanograms per deciliter or lower. Several symptoms may occur when this happens, although they may also be very subtle. Look for these nine signs if you believe you or someone you love is dealing with low testosterone.

1.Low Sex Drive

Testosterone is an important issue when it comes to the sex drive of a man. Men who are dealing with low testosterone levels will usually feel a significant drop in their sex drive. However, many men experience the same feeling due to age, stress, and other environmental circumstances.

2.Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone helps when it comes to a man’s erection. While it isn’t responsible for causing the actual erection, it does stimulate the brain’s receptors to produce what is known as nitric oxide. This is the molecule that is responsible for triggering the chemical reactions that are needed for the erection. Low testosterone levels can cause problems when it comes to keeping the erection.

3.Lower Volume of Semen

Testosterone plays a major role in how much semen a man produces. Semen is the milky fluid that occurs during the act of ejaculation. Men who have low testosterone counts may notice a decrease in how much semen they produce.

4.Hair Loss

Testosterone is also responsible for hair production in men. While balding is a normal reaction to aging in a lot of men, those with low testosterone levels may also experience hair loss at a more rapid rate.


Many men have reported feeling very fatigued due to low testosterone levels. If you are always tired even after sleeping well or cannot find the motivation to exercise, it could be due to low levels of the hormone.

6.Loss of Muscle Mass

Testosterone is also responsible when it comes to building muscle mass. Therefore, low levels of the hormone may result in the loss of muscle mass in men.

7.Increased Body Fat

Many men who are dealing with low testosterone levels experience an increase in the amount of body fat they are carrying. Some may even notice an increase in their breast tissue, known as gynecomastia.

8.Decrease in Bone Mass

Most people believe that the thinning of bone mass, also known as osteoporosis, is only an issue for women. However, a man with low testosterone levels may also experience bone loss, as the hormone is responsible for producing bone mass and keeping it strong.

9.Changes in Mood

A low testosterone level can cause mood changes in men. Men who are deficient in this hormone are more likely to deal with depression. They may also become easily irritated and have problems focusing.
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